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WBM foundation has planted 10,000 plants in this spring season 2016 in public sector schools, Lahore and plans to continue to do so in the next plantation season.

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Kitchen Gardening

WBM foundation is planing to give training on growing your own home kitchen garden to females of lower middle and middle class families.This skill will enable...

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Anti Plastic

WBM foundation is a strong advocate of anti plastic practices and ensures that enough written material is published on its website to create awareness ....

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Soil Erosion

Most of our irrigated lands are render barren because we don't grow crops or any vegetation on it. The soil gets dispersed with wind and rain ...

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  • World-Soil-Day

    Program Started as Scheduled at 2:00: PM After the Recitation of Holy Quran, a Presentation was given on the Importance of Soil by Muhammad Umair (Msc. Environmental Science Student).He described soil’s impact on environment, physical features, contamination of soil, soil biodiversity and its effect on our life.  Another Presentation was given on Soil Erosion and Vegetation given by Miss Rutaba (MS Student of Environmental Sciences) She described consequences of deforestation, ho

  • World Plantation Day 21st March 2016

    WBM foundation has inaugurated a three month plantation campaign on 6th January, where they aim to plant at least 10,000 plants in Lahore to celebrate world plantation day on 21st march 2016. WBM foundation also aims to conduct a Million March in the city of Lahore with people from all walks of life. The objective of this walk is to create awareness among masses and community building of environmentally conscious people. The first plant of this massive plantation campaign was transplanted by the WBM foundation founder Mr. Sohail Anjum, in the

  • Certificate Distribution Ceremony

    On 10th February, 2016 WBM Foundation honored the teachers and students of Environmental Sciences University of Lahore for their remarkable contribution in the celebration of WORLD SOIL DAY SEMINAR on December 28, 2016. The Ceremony was commenced by the recitation of Holy Quran. Then Dr. Rab Nawaz (Assistant Professor) spoke on his recent research on environment. He elaborated that our environment is being deteriorated by us; it is our obligation to keep our surrounding clean. Ms. Zarnigar Khan (Manager Communications, WBM Foundation) presented alarming fac

  • Plantation Activity Was held at Bachoki Mahaja Boys High School

    WBM foundation organized a plantation activity with the collaboration of Forest Department on 14 march 2016 in a Government High School Located in Bachonki village, Lahore district. The activity was aimed to invoke and promote in student the importance of environmental cause and to encourage them to plant more tree in order to make Healthy Pakistan for the coming generation. The school is stretched on the covered area of 14kanals three Marla. .

  • Plantation Activity in Burki Division

    WBM foundation visited the following schools in Burki division. Government Girls Middle school Salamat Pura Near Maqsoodan  Darbar Lahore Cantt Primary School New Shalimar Housing Scheme Salamat Pura Lahore . Elementary Schoool  Moman  Pura  Wagha Town G.T Road  Lahore Govt Model High School Chungi Gujjar Pura City District School For Boys Dougrae Khurd 2500 seedlings were planted on this occasion in various schools. The occasion was inaugurated with Holy Quran and went over all day. The response of students was ama

  • Inspection After Plantation Activity

    WBM foundation went to Burki Division and Harbanspura Division to inspect the seedlings of trees given to schools for plantation. It was a pleasure to see that most of the schools have fully utilized the free supply of plants to the best of their efforts. Many schools have made soil beds in their schools to strengthen the seedlings into growing plants after which they were planned to be transferred to pots and flower beds.It was noted that due to load shedding few schools find it hard to water their plants on time.

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